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Who's going on this trip?

Dirty Radish is open to all individuals who have a zest for life, a heart for adventure and love of French culture. Each group will be unique with a common goal of a good time! 

Can I join the trip solo? Can I invite a few of my friends?

Yes! With Dirty Radish you are at home. Feel free to come solo and leave with new friends. With our guided independent travel model you can rest assure that there will be fun group activities as well as plenty of time to be on your own if you so choose. 

Yes! Please invite your friends, what better way to travel! 

Who is the trip host & what is her role?

Chevonne Ball is your hostess with the mostest! She has lived and traveled to Lyon many times and is very familiar with the ins and outs of hosting travelers in Lyon. She is your host, concierge, tour guide, coordinator, friend and fellow life lover! 

What's included/excluded in the trip cost?

Included in the trip cost is your lodging, more than 50% of your meals, all transportation while in Lyon, museum passes, a fully stocked kitchen and all excursions. 

Excluded cost are airfare, transportation to Lyon and travelers insurance (required). We recommend and additional $300-$600 for non included meals and shopping. 

What will the meals be like on my tour?

While on tour you'll eat like a local. Cuisine is typical of the region and can vary widely from day to day, season to season. Breakfast and apéro will be served in the home daily. The home will always be stocked with fresh food from the markets so you can eat at home anytime. When we dine together your meals will be covered. 

What is apéro?

Apéro is pre-dinner drinks and snacks. It's a time to regroup from the day before settling into a long French dinner. The word originates from the Latin term "aperire", meaning, “to open”. Typically aperitifs such as Pastis, Campari and Aperol are had along side small bites of bread and pates. 

Can I get special meals for my dietary restrictions?

If you require a vegetarian diet, please alert let us know before your tour, so he or she can make arrangements for your upcoming meals. Beyond this, we cannot take responsibility for tour members with special dietary needs or allergies. Guests with dietary restrictions usually manage fine with a little flexibility and willingness to supplement meals as needed at their own expense. Please discuss all relevant dietary/health issues with us at the time of booking so we can assist you. 

Will I need to know how to speak French?

While it's not necessary to be fluent, it's nice to master a few basic courtesies such as "Please" and "Thank you." You must not be afraid to try! 

Is there a minimum/maximum age to participate?

Yes, you must be at least 21 years of age to participate. 

Will I be sharing a room? Can I choose my roommate?

You will not be sharing a room unless you bring someone you wish you share a room with. We will be living together in a house with 10 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Trips are maxed at 8 people so there will be plenty of room to spread out and feel at home. 

What else should I know before I go?

Things to Pack

Weather is unpredictable—a few layering options are wise. Our tours are physically active and require a good amount of daily walking. Good walking shoes are a must as you’ll often be on your feet for up to four hours, walking and standing, indoors and outside in a variety of weather conditions. Be sure that you can carry and/or roll your luggage over uneven pavement (several blocks possible) and up stairways. Your appetite and an adventurous spirit should come along with you too!

Travel Plans

Many tour members arrive a day or two before the tour begins—and those who don't, wish they had. This allows you ample time to get over jet lag and make the most of the first few days of the tour. We suggest flying into Paris and taking the train to Lyon. It's 2 hours by TGV and a wonderful ride.

Sightseeing on Your Own

Dirty Radish provides guided independent travel. We will happily put together your itinerary for the day depending on your mood or you can just get lost in Lyon which is truly the best. Once we provide orientation and transportation lessons, you should be willing to navigate towns and cities on your own.